October 8, 2005 

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Q: Why do cultures throughout the world have legends that sound like they came from the book of Genesis?

A: There was a missionary to the Australian Aborigines that attended one of our seminars. Since Ken Ham knew that cultures all over the world had Flood legends similar to the historical account in Genesis, he asked this missionary if the Aborigines had any such stories. Ken then explained to him that the reasons these stories abound all over the world is that they were handed down from the time of Noah, even though they were changed somewhat.

The real record, of course, is in the Bible. This evidence attests to the fact that all cultures are of one race, descended from Noah … and ultimately Adam.

Quote of the Week

“Darwin calculated that at the rate of one baby elephant per breeding couple every 10 years, starting with a single pair, there would be 15 million elephants in only 500 years.”

– Niles Eldredge, Speculations: Is Evolution Progress? Science Digest, September 1983, p. 40.

A few years later, this same missionary recounted the event of an old Aboriginal elder who told him that the Aborigines had a story handed down for generations, that woman was made while man was asleep. Remembering the earlier conversation with Ken, the missionary opened the Bible and read the account of the creation of Eve (Genesis 2:21–23).

The aboriginal said, “how come you have the same story we have—but your story is better.” The missionary was able to lead this man to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you would like to learn more about how various creation and global flood legends from different cultures compare to the biblical account, take a look at the articles on our Q&A page on this topic.

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