November 12, 2005 

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Q: With such a big push to keep religion out of government schools, why is AiG saying it’s already there?

A: Efforts to “keep religion out of public schools” are very deceptive. For example, in America, humanists have been fighting any school board that wants students to learn the pros and cons of evolution. Even if the boards don’t mention creation, humanists accuse them of trying to sneak religion into the schools!

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Radiometric dating is one of the linchpins of evolutionary education today. In this brand new book and DVD, Dr. Don DeYoung and the RATE team shatter this and other dating methods employed by evolutionists to cast doubt on the reliability of the Bible and its chronology of earth history. Find out more online.

But religion never left the schools. When the courts threw prayer and Bible reading out of America’s schools, they replaced a Bible-based worldview with an atheistic one. Now public schools teach science, history and other subjects without any reference to the supernatural.

Many don’t realize that this is a religious view—an anti-Christian view—and it’s a basic belief of the religion of secular humanism.

The battle over education is just a symptom of a bigger change in our society—a shift from God’s authority to man-centered religion.

The only way to win, in the long run, is for society—and particularly the church—to return to biblical authority. This is where the fight will ultimately be won or lost. Once society has the right foundation, then Christians can hope to challenge problems … like evolution in schools.

In the midst of this educational battleground, what religious rights do students have? Probably more than you think!

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November 13
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