November 19, 2005 

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Q: How can Noah’s Ark be our “inheritance”?

A: We don’t think the importance of learning about Noah’s Ark can be overemphasized. It helps explain geology, biology, anthropology, history … even salvation.

The Bible’s account of the Ark is a “teaching treasure” that God has given us. God wants fathers to pass it down to their children. That is one reason we call the Ark an “inheritance”—a spiritual inheritance.

Quote of the Week

“My utmost ingenuity does not enable me to discover a flaw in the argument thus briefly summarised. I am fairly at a loss to comprehend how any one, for a moment, can doubt that Christian theology must stand or fall with the historical trustworthiness of the Jewish Scriptures. The very conception of the Messiah, or Christ, is inextricably interwoven with Jewish history; the identification of Jesus of Nazareth with that Messiah rests upon the interpretation of passages of the Hebrew Scriptures which have no evidential value unless they possess the historical character assigned to them.”

– Thomas H. Huxley, Science and Hebrew Tradition Essays, pp. 207–208, 1897.

Ken Ham’s own father passed this inheritance down to him. When Ken was young, few people seemed to believe what Genesis said about Noah’s Flood. But his father stood firmly on the Bible, and he taught his children to believe everything Scripture says.

In fact, the last “gift” his father gave him, just before he died, was a model that he had made of Noah’s Ark. That ark, to Ken, vividly represents a legacy that led to the founding of Answers in Genesis. Our goal is to pass on this wonderful spiritual inheritance to the next generation, so that they, too, can trust God’s Word … and the Savior who gave us His Word.

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