November 26, 2005 

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Q: Why did a well-known Christian broadcaster say that a six-day creation doesn’t pass the “smell test”?

A: We are no longer surprised by the things some Christian leaders say about the book of Genesis and how they have compromised on such things as the age of the earth and death before Adam.

The book of Genesis is foundational to all biblical doctrine. So compromise on Genesis—to fit the popular ideas about “millions of years” of death and fossils—ends up twisting Scripture.

Quote of the Week

“Now comes the important question. What caused all these extinctions at one particular point in time, approximately 65 million years ago? Dozens of reasons have been suggested, some serious and sensible, others quite crazy, and yet others merely as a joke. Every year people come up with new theories on this thorny problem. The trouble is that if we are to find just one reason to account for them all, it would have to explain the deaths, all at the same time, of animals living on land and of animals living in the sea: but, in both cases, of only some of those animals, for many of the land-dwellers and many of the sea-dwellers went on living quite happily into the following period. Alas, no such one explanation exists.”

– Alan Charig, A New Look At The Dinosaurs, pp. 150, 1988.

This Christian TV host rejects six literal days and believes that God created life, “in ascending order from the more simple creatures to man himself.”

This shows just how much he’s willing to twist Scripture to fit man’s ideas. There is no way that single-celled organisms can be described as “simple” anyway—this misleading idea comes from Darwinian evolution.

When Christian leaders say things like this, is it any surprise that America has, by and large, lost respect for the Word of God? Ultimately, an attack on Genesis undermines the gospel they proclaim!

It is time Christian leaders let the clear words of the Bible speak for themselves. We need to begin our thinking with the Word of God … including Genesis.

How do we know the days of Creation Week lasted 24 hours and not long periods of time? In How long were the days of Genesis 1? study the Hebrew words used by the Genesis author in the creation account.

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