December 3, 2005 

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Q: Some Christians say that the big bang theory of the origin of the universe is such an obvious fact that we should accept it in the same way we do the words in the Bible. What is AiG’s response?

A: Our Creation magazine once featured an interview with Dr. Danny Faulkner, an astronomy professor at a major American university. His response to the big bang was:

Quote of the Week

“Human evolution, of course, is responsible for our very long period of childhood, during much of which we are almost completely dependent on our parents. As Ashley Montagu first pointed out decades ago, evolution encouraged the development of larger and larger human brains, but our origins in the primate family placed a limit on the ability of the birth canal to accommodate babies with ever-larger heads. Nature’s solution was to encourage an extremely long period of dependence on the nurturing parent during infancy and childhood, allowing both mind and body to continue developing in an almost gestational way long after birth.”

– Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, p. 229.

“I’m really concerned with people who put that much faith in the ‘big bang’ … As a Christian, my biggest concern is that it doesn’t agree at all with the Genesis account of how the world came to be, and my big concern is that when you make that the fingerprint of God, as it were, then when the ‘big bang’ is discarded, what does that do to Christianity?”

Dr. Faulkner points out a very important point that all Christians need to take seriously. If a Christian accepts the big bang as fact and then uses this belief to reinterpret God’s Word in Genesis, what happens when the big bang theory is finally discarded, as many scientific theories are? They would then have to change their understanding of the Bible.

We need to stick with the answers found in Genesis!

Read the full interview with Dr. Faulkner at “He made the stars also …” (Genesis 1:16).

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