December 10, 2005 

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Q: Is the comparison of DNA to CD-ROMs, and their ability to store incredible amounts of information, a valid comparison?

A: It certainly isn’t! Computer components, such as CD-ROMs, are only able to store information on a flat, relatively two-dimensional surface. DNA stores information in three dimensions, and has a much greater capacity for storage.

Evolutionist Quote of the Week

“Darwin’s distinction was not only logically correct but also politically sound. The intellectual world had been ready for evolution’s factuality, and had eagerly embraced Darwin’s evidence, but his radical theory of natural selection found few takers during his lifetime and did not become a majority view until the 1930s. Darwin is buried in Westminster Abbey, literally at the feet of Isaac Newton, but he lies in hallowed ground for establishing the fact of evolution, not for proposing a theory about causes.”

– Stephen Jay Gould, The Power of This View of Life, Natural History, p. 6, June 1994.

For instance, a single CD-ROM can hold thousands of pages of information. Sounds like an enormous amount, doesn’t it? But the amount of DNA that would fit on the head of a pin contains enough information to fill a stack of books that would reach from the earth to the moon—500 times over!

Think of the intelligence, as well as the billions of dollars and years of research, that has gone into developing the computer. No scientist would ever look at a computer and think that it was a result of chance random processes. And yet, many of these same scientists look at DNA and insist it arose by chance!

When we stand in awe of modern computers, how much more should we stand in awe of the One who invented DNA—our Creator God!

For more examples of how man’s efforts vanish into insignificance next to God’s designs, read Man’s achievements vs. amazing “living computer” technology.

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