December 17, 2005 

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Q: One supposed proof of evolution is that bacteria seem to be able to develop a resistance to antibiotics. Is this really evolution in action?

A: Actually, the fact that certain bacteria can develop a resistance to antibiotics is the opposite of evolution.

Let’s consider an example: the popular antibiotic amoxycillin. In an experiment, some bacteria appeared to “develop” a resistance to this medicine by producing an enzyme that breaks down the drug.

Antibiotic resistance before antibiotics?

“Scientists at the University of Alberta have revived bacteria from members of the historic Franklin expedition who mysteriously perished in the Arctic nearly 150 years ago. Not only are the six strains of bacteria almost certainly the oldest ever revived, says medical microbiologist Dr. Kinga Kowalewska-Grochowska, three of them also happen to be resistant to antibiotics. In this case, the antibiotics clindamycin and cefoxitin, both of which developed more than a century after the men died, were among those used.”

– Ed Struzik, Ancient bacteria revived, Sunday Herald, September 16, 1990, A1.

But, in this example, it was known that this resistance to the antibiotic was already in the bacterial population right from the beginning of the experiment. In other words, some bacteria already had the information in their genes to be resistant. The bacteria had inherited information; so the resistance has nothing to do with evolution.

What about those experiments where some bacteria developed a resistance to substances over time due to mutations in their genes? Such mutations, which are mistakes in the genes, result from a loss of information, such as the loss of a control gene which regulates the pumping of the substance into the cell. Again, this is the opposite of evolution, which requires an increase in information if it were to occur.

What we see in God’s world agrees with what we read in God’s Word.

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