January 7, 2006 

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Q: Are humans just another kind of animal?

A: If one accepts the evolutionary teaching that we evolved from some apelike creature, then we are just a higher form of animal. But the Bible doesn’t teach this at all.

In Genesis 1–2, we’re told that the land animals were all formed when God commanded them to be brought forth from the earth. But Adam and Eve were individually created by God Himself; Adam out of the dust of the ground and Eve out of Adam’s side.

How did life begin?

“One of these days, both Joyce and Szostak believe, when someone fills a test tube with just the right stuff, a self-replicating molecule will pop up. Some people will always hold to the belief that it is a divine spark, not clever chemistry, that brings matter to life, and for all their fancy equipment, scientists have yet to produce anything in a test tube that would shake a Fundamentalist’s faith.”

– J. Madeleine Nash, How Life Began, Time, October 11, 1993, p. 74.

God also breathed the breath of life into Adam. This didn’t happen to any of the animals. The Bible also says that Adam and Eve were made in God’s image and were given dominion over the animals.

Additionally, Adam was told to name the animals. The Bible says that there was not found a suitable helper for him, indicating that he was significantly different from the animals. So, God specially made a woman from Adam’s side.

While humans have bodies somewhat similar to mammals—they’re not just animals. Humans were made to have fellowship with their Creator.

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