January 21, 2006 

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Q: Do church leaders have the solution to school violence?

A: Sadly, the majority of church leaders today don’t believe that Genesis is literal history. They believe that we must accept that the fossil record was laid down over the course of millions of years before man existed. By doing this, they’ve also accepted a record of death, disease, violence and suffering before man. And after Adam was created, God described all this as “very good”?

Carl Sagan on the Beginning of Human Life, Part 2

“Every one of us began from a dot. A fertilized egg is roughly the size of the period at the end of this sentence. … One cell becomes two, two become four, and by the sixth day the fertilized egg has become a kind of hollow sphere wandering off to another realm: the womb. It destroys tissue in its path. It sucks blood from the capillaries. It establishes itself as a kind of parasite on the walls of the uterus.”

– Carl Sagan, Is It Possible To Be Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, Parade Magazine, April 22, 1990, p. 5.

Imagine a church leader talking to a student and saying something like: “Billy, you can’t commit violent acts against, or kill, your fellow students. You need to love people as God loves.” Then the student replies: “Pastor, do you believe in millions of years?” “Yes,” the pastor replies.

Billy continues, “So you believe in millions of years of death, violence, disease and killing before Adam—and then, after he made Adam, God said everything was very good? Then pastor, your God is a god of death and violence—don’t tell me to love like him.”

Church leaders will have the answer only if they believe in a literal Genesis—there was a perfect world before sin entered.

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