February 4, 2006 

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Q: How is humanism taking over society?

A: Humanism has become the “religion” of many countries because the chief barrier to it has been broken down: belief in God's Word. Paul warns us in Corinthians to not be deceived, as Eve was by Satan (2 Cor. 11:3–4).

Declaration of War

“… I can but admire the courage and clear foresight of the Anglican divine who tells us that we must be prepared to choose between the trustworthiness of scientific method and the trustworthiness of that which the Church declares to be Divine authority. For, to my mind, this declaration of war to the knife against secular science, even in its most elementary form this rejection, without a moment’s hesitation, of any and all evidence which conflicts with theological dogma—is the only position which is logically reconcilable with the axioms of orthodoxy.”

– Thomas H. Huxley , Science And Hebrew Tradition Essays, pp. 229, 230.

When we go to the book of Genesis and read about the way Satan tempted Eve, we find that he got her to question God’s Word (Gen. 3:1–7). That’s exactly what’s happening in our society today. So many people question the authority of the Word of God, particularly the book of Genesis.

Satan knows that if he can get people to doubt the reliability of the book of Genesis, ultimately the whole Christian structure will collapse. Today, not only is the culture as a whole rejecting God’s Word, but, sadly, even many Christians have given up believing Genesis. As a result, the Christian framework is collapsing all around us, and humanism is taking over.

How do we repair the Christian structure? We need to stop doubting the Word of God and start rebuilding the foundation that states God’s Word—beginning in Genesis—is true.

If someone questions the authority of the Bible, are you able to defend it? For an in-depth study on this topic, see The authority of Scripture.

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