February 11, 2006 

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Q: Is there any evidence that fossils have formed quickly?

A: Evolutionists have taught that the stratified fossil record of dinosaurs and other creatures formed slowly over millions of years. And most people have this idea that it takes millions of years to turn bones into fossils as well.

Devoid of historical truth?

“Thus, in view, not, I repeat, of the recondite speculations of infidel philosophers, but in the face of the plainest and most commonplace of ascertained physical facts, the story of the Noachian Deluge has no more claim to credit than has that of Deucalion; and whether it was, or was not, suggested by the familiar acquaintance of its originators with the effects of unusually great overflows of the Tigris and Euphrates, it is utterly devoid of historical truth.”

– Thomas H. Huxley , Science And Hebrew Tradition Essays, pp. 226, 1897.

But creation scientists believe that most of the fossils—including most of the dinosaur fossils—formed at the time of Noah’s Flood, only about 4,500 years ago. This means that fossils must have formed rather quickly.

So, is there any evidence that fits with this?

A museum in New Zealand showcases a petrified ham, which formed after a volcano covered a village in ash in 1886 (see Tarawera’s night of terror). And a museum in Tasmania features a petrified hat. It was left in a mine, and after fifty years it had changed from being a soft, felt hat into a hard hat! (See ‘Fossil’ hat.)

No, it doesn’t take millions of years to make fossils.

Can we know, then, when the fossil record was formed? The answer’s in Genesis: most of the fossils were formed during the Flood of Noah’s day, just a few thousand years ago.


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