February 18, 2006 

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Q: How often is the book of Genesis quoted in the rest of the Bible?

A: Genesis is quoted from or referred to in the rest of the Bible more than any other book of the Bible.

In the New Testament alone, there are at least 200 quotations from—or references to—Genesis. In fact, there are over 100 citations or direct references in the New Testament to the first eleven chapters of Genesis. And every one of those eleven chapters is referred to somewhere in the New Testament.

Not only that, but each New Testament author refers somewhere in his writings to Genesis, chapters one to eleven in particular. And Jesus Himself quoted or referred to the first eleven chapters of Genesis on six different occasions.

Merely the Church’s guide?

“The New Testament is not infallible, but it is the Church’s guide and ‘norm’. Of course it needs reinterpretation in every age, and especially today.”

– Hugh Montefiore, Confirmation Notebook, p. 18.

If Genesis isn’t true, then Jesus Christ would have been lying. Also, the rest of the Bible collapses, since every biblical doctrine of theology—directly or indirectly—is founded in the book of Genesis. That’s why Genesis is referred to so often throughout the Bible.

Believing Genesis is the key to fully understanding God’s Word.

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