March 4, 2006 

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Q: Neptune’s origin can’t be explained by evolution, but is it “proof” of creation?

A: Neptune is an amazing planet that can’t be explained by long ages of time, but this, by itself, doesn’t “prove” creation.

Quote of the week: from the media

“Some speculate that alien intelligence might beam vast streams of coded information, a virtual encyclopedia galactica, with insights into the origin of the universe or immortality.”

San Diego Union-Tribune, November 5, 1993.

Astronomers were amazed to discover that Neptune is very active, even though it’s so far from the sun. Winds reach 1,300 mph, and the planet actually generates heat!

This easily fits the creation model, because a young planet could still be cooling off. But it doesn’t fit with a belief in millions or billions of years, because it should have cooled off by now.

Evolutionists keep looking for some bizarre scenario to explain Neptune. But even if they finally come up with a “good story,” it still doesn’t make the story true.

And that’s the problem. While we can look at the present and make guesses about the past, we can’t prove the past. Instead, we need a reliable eyewitness.

And we do have such an eyewitness—God Himself! What better “proof” could there be than the character and testimony of the Lord Himself? But sadly, many astronomers prefer to keep inventing fables, rather than putting their faith in God’s Word.

According to evolutionary ideas, Neptune should not exist. So what is its secret? Find out in Neptune: monument to creation.

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