March 18, 2006 

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Q: Why do so many people believe creationism is “unscientific” and only for “the uneducated”?

A: This attitude isn’t so surprising. Everywhere we look, we’re bombarded with evolutionary ideas. In movies, books, museums, classrooms, etc., we’re constantly told about things that supposedly took place millions or billions of years ago.

Evolutionist quote of the week

“It cannot be accidental, one is tempted to conclude, that the percentage of salt in our bloodstreams is roughly the same as the percentage of salt in the oceans of the world. The long and intricate process by which evolution helped to shape the complex interrelationship of all living and nonliving things may be explicable in purely scientific terms, but the simple fact of the living world and our place on it evokes awe, wonder, a sense of mystery—a spiritual response when one reflects on its deeper meaning.”

– Al Gore, Earth in the Balance, p. 264.

And this is especially a problem in our education system. Students are told that life can be explained by random processes and that the Bible is wrong. And the higher the level of education, the stronger the expectation for students to agree with, or at least parrot, these statements. So it’s no wonder that, statistically, the percentage of highly educated people who believe in molecules-to-man evolution is higher than in any other group.

A newspaper article said that in Australia “traditional churches aren’t satisfying a more educated and more questioning flock.” The article continues, “Educated people are saying religion is finished, there’s no God, they don’t believe in miracles.” (Sunday Mail, December 29, 2002, p. 48.)

But the article is misleading. People aren’t too “smart” to believe the God of the Bible. No, they’ve just accepted the popular ideas about millions of years—presented unquestioned and exclusively, year after year in school—which begin with the assumption that there is no God. We need to get the information to these people (and to the church) to show them that real science actually confirms the Bible’s account of creation!

Real (i.e., operational) science actually shows that the Scriptures are correct about a young age for the earth. For more answers, read our free booklet Evidence for a Young World.

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