April 1, 2006 

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Q: Why are ostrich eggs a problem for evolutionists?

A: It’s widely believed that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Yet a recent study of ostrich eggs conclusively shows that the digits (or “fingers”) of the ostrich develop in a totally different way than dinosaur digits did.

Evolutionist quote of the week

“When paleontologists see Archaeopteryx, they see an earth-bound dinosaur that somehow mysteriously sprouted feathers for swatting insects or some other purpose, and they say flight originated from the ground up. However, when most ornithologists see Archaeopteryx, they see a flying bird because everything about feathers says flight to them. The conclusion we have drawn is that flight originated from trees down, which makes a lot more sense.”

– Alan Feduccia (professor of biology at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), News Notes, Geotimes, p. 6, April 1993.

The report says, “This creates a new problem for those who insist that dinosaurs were ancestors of modern birds. How can a bird hand, for example, with digits two, three and four evolve from a dinosaur hand that has only digits one, two and three? That would be almost impossible.”

You’d think this would be front-page news in science magazines, but it wasn’t. Why not? It’s obvious that many of these magazines aren’t concerned with finding the truth; rather, they tend to defend only already-held beliefs.

Many scientists just look for evidence that supports their preconceptions, and often ignore evidence that goes against them. So this information doesn’t get widely reported. But those who believe in the authority of God’s Word, which says dinosaurs were created on the day after birds (Genesis 1:20–25), know the real story.

A minority of evolutionists still resist the dino-to-bird theory on scientific grounds. For a more in-depth look at this controversy, please see Ostrich eggs break dino-to-bird theory.

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