April 8, 2006 

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Q: Why do monkeys look similar to us?

A: Since we’ve grown up with evolutionary ideas, we’ve been indoctrinated from our earliest years to think that monkeys and humans are alike. Yet, if we hadn’t been exposed to evolutionary ideas, we would probably never say that.

Evolutionist quote of the week

“Now, if instituting comparisons in both directions, we place the lowest and most ape-like men (the Austral Negroes, Bushmen, and Andamans, etc.), on the one hand, together with the most highly developed animals, for instance, with apes, dogs, and the elephants, and on the other hand, with the most highly developed men—Aristotle, Newton, Spinoza, Kant, Lamarck, or Goethe—we can then no longer consider the assertion, that the mental life of the higher mammals has gradually developed up to that of man, as in any way exaggerated.”

– Ernst Haeckel, The History of Creation, pp. 364, 365.

If you carefully observe such creatures, you’ll realize that there are some major differences between monkeys and humans. Here are some examples: a monkey’s foot looks more like a hand; a monkey can’t speak—they don’t even have the right brain structures for speech; and a monkey could never use a tool to make a tool as humans can.

The next time you or your children see monkeys at a zoo or look at pictures of them in a book, start pointing out how they are different from humans. We need to start deprogramming ourselves and our children from the evolutionary brainwashing we’ve received.

Are monkeys related to humans? No. They’re a distinct kind of animal, not made in the image of God, like man.

Prominent evolutionist Julian Huxley said that, given enough time, monkeys typing randomly could eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Since then, researchers from Plymouth University (UK) have put six of their monkeys to the test. Find out what happened in Monkey madness.

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