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July 1, 2006 

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Q: Why don’t many pastors speak with authority?

A: Mark 1:22 comes to mind, where we’re told that the people were amazed at Jesus’ teaching because He spoke as One having authority, and not as the scribes.

Jesus is the Word, and He spoke with the authority of the Word. Remember when He was tempted by the devil (Matthew 4:1–11)? Each time, he replied “It is written.” When he was asked about marriage in Matthew 19, he replied “Have you not read?”

Because we also have the Word of God, we can speak with the same authority. But most Christian leaders have compromised on the book of Genesis, and therefore don’t really have a firm foundation for their doctrine. They can’t preach with this same authority.

After Ken Ham spoke at a conference in England, where he challenged the church leaders to believe in Genesis, many pastors came up to him. They admitted they wanted to speak with the same boldness they heard from Ken. They acknowledged that because of the influence of evolutionary ideas, they were unsure about Genesis—and this casts doubt on God’s Word in general.

When Christian leaders believe in the Bible from its very first verse, they can preach with power and authority!

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Evolutionist quote of the week

“If the Gospels truly report that which an incarnation of the God of Truth communicated to the world, then it surely is absurd to attend to any other evidence touching matters about which he made any clear statement, or the truth of which is distinctly implied by his words. If the exact historical truth of the Gospels is an axiom of Christianity, it is as just and right for a Christian to say, Let us ‘close our ears against suggestions’ of scientific critics, as it is for the man of science to refuse to waste his time upon circle-squarers and flat-earth fanatics.”

– Thomas H. Huxley, Science And Hebrew Tradition Essays, p. 230, 1897.

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