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September 16, 2006 

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Q: Doesn’t granite take millions of years to form?

A: According to evolutionary geologists, granite is made of a number of compounds that were mixed together under extreme heat. Supposedly they rose slowly to the earth’s crust, and then cooled over thousands of years to form the granites we see today.

However, evolutionary geologists have discovered something. Some of the crystals found in granites near the earth’s surface will not withstand temperatures over 800° Celsius for more than 50 years without being destroyed. This is a big problem for these scientists and their previous theories about the origin of granite.

The idea that blobs of molten rock rose slowly through the crust and cooled for eons of time is now in question. Evolutionary geologists are now changing their ideas and are starting to look to more catastrophic events to explain the origin of rocks, like granites.

If we really want to know how the first rocks were formed, we can find our answers in Genesis—God commanded the dry land to appear, which makes sense of the evidence scientists are now discovering!

For more information on this topic, see Rapid rocks.

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