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October 21, 2006 

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Q: Do creationists believe flying dragons were mythical?

A: The pictures of flying dragons we see in movies and books may be a bit fanciful. But they are probably based on memories from people who did see such flying creatures, perhaps pterodactyls.

In the 5th century BC, Herodotus, the famous Greek historian, wrote about the “winged serpents” of Arabia. Their descriptions fit what we know about pterodactyls. Similar reports of such creatures come from Ethiopia and India. And there are people living today in the jungles of Southern Africa who say they’ve seen flying reptiles—though they call them “kongamato.” Even the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, talks about flying serpents that lived with people.

Evolutionists insist that the flying reptiles became extinct with the dinosaurs millions of years ago. But the Bible and ancient records give evidence that such creatures lived with people not so long ago.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t surprise those who believe in the book of Genesis if such a flying reptile was still living today. After all, the Bible says that God created all the land animals on the sixth day of creation.

Does that mean, then, that dinosaurs were also made on the sixth day—the same day that Adam was created? For some intriguing evidence that humans and dinosaurs have lived together, read Dinosaurs and the Bible.

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