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November 11, 2006 

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Q: How has evolution become part of entertainment?

A: Evolution has become so ingrained in the culture—especially when it comes to movies and television.

Evolutionary ideas, such as millions of years and the big bang, are no stranger to Hollywood. These ideas are snuck into cartoons, comics, and movies quite frequently. Perhaps evolutionists think, “Make it funny and cute, and show it enough times, and maybe they’ll accept evolution as fact.”

Hollywood doesn’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars just to entertain you. Many producers want you to adopt their pagan worldview that says there’s no God—and that man sets his own rules. And they know that a belief in evolution and millions of years is a powerful way to get people to doubt the Word of God.

Carl Kerby, one of AiG’s popular speakers, teaches young people how to develop their biblical radar to spot lies about God’s creation. Whether it’s Bugs Bunny, Gilligan’s Island, Spiderman, Batman, SpongeBob, or Star Wars, evolutionary ideas are there. Sometimes it’s subtle, but still effective in indoctrination.

See how good your radar is the next time you watch any of these programs or movies. Play a game called “spot the evolutionary content”—a teaching tool to instruct your family to discern opposing worldviews.

The Intelligent Design Movement: How Intelligent Is It?

Few would dispute the fact that entertainment—or more specifically, the entertainment community—influences our society in a big way. But how many understand the thread of evolutionary philosophy that runs through movies, television, and books? Popular speaker Carl Kerby has researched this point for years, and challenges audiences all over the country to become better informed about the agenda that permeates our entertainment choices. In this book, he highlights Hollywood icons that in some way peddle a Darwinian concept. Makes an excellent Christmas gift, especially for young people. Pre-order today!

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