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December 9, 2006 

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Q: What do fossils have to do with giving birth?

A: Most people believe it takes millions of years for a fossil to form, but that it only takes a short period of time for a mother to give birth. But knowing that birth is such a brief process shows us that fossils don’t take millions of years to form! Consider this startling example:

A museum in Germany has a beautifully detailed fossil on display. It shows an ichthyosaur in the process of giving birth to a fully formed baby. The baby, except for the head, appears to have emerged from the body of the mother.

This fossil presents a problem for those who think such fossils were formed over millions of years. It’s obvious that the mother and baby ichthyosaur must have been buried instantly to capture the birth while it was occurring. Also, the tissues of the baby ichthyosaur would have been more susceptible to decomposition, and yet they were preserved in nearly perfect detail.

When we study the events of Genesis—such as the Flood of Noah, and the destruction it would’ve caused—we shouldn’t be surprised to find such fossils as an ichthyosaur caught in the act of giving birth. Such fossils make sense when you start with the Bible.

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