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January 6, 2007 

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Q: Were dragons just mythological?

A: You may have heard about the flood legends that have come down from many different people groups around the world, many of which are very similar to the Bible’s account of Noah’s Flood.

For instance, the Australian Aborigines, before they even met missionaries, had stories about a global flood. The stories included many similarities to the Bible’s account. The same can be said of the legends of the American Indians, Fijians, Eskimos, and other cultures all around the world.

The reason for this is that these people are all descendants of Noah. They handed down the story of the Flood to succeeding generations. The stories changed over the years, but the similarities to the Bible are still there.

The same sort of thing likely happened with dragon legends. These stories are based on real encounters with real beasts. The stories exist all over the world, handed down from generation to generation.

What were the dragons? When you read about the descriptions of many of these dragons in the old history books, you will see that they fit with many of the descriptions we have today of dinosaurs.

Yes, dragons were probably dinosaurs!

For more information on dinosaurs in history, see Dinosaurs and dragons: stamping on the legends.

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