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January 27, 2007 

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Q: Does the Bible tell us that Adam named all of the land animals in just one day?

A: Actually, Adam named the specific land animals God brought to him in one day.

Genesis tells us that God made the land animals, as well as the first man and woman, on Day Six of Creation Week. Genesis 2 tells us that Adam named the animals God had brought to him—before Eve was created. So how could Adam have named all of those animals so quickly?

Some skeptics say that there is no way he could have named all of them, and they use this as proof that the days of creation couldn’t be six literal, 24-hour days.

These questions and more will be answered with a special exhibit that is underway at our Creation Museum near Cincinnati. In a larger corner area of the museum’s “Creation Walk,” people will see Adam naming the land animals—the original biblical “kinds,” not all of the species within a kind that we’re familiar with today. That means there must have been far fewer animal kinds in Adam’s day than there are today.

We also need to understand that just because you or I couldn’t do it, that doesn’t mean Adam couldn’t. Adam had a perfect brain. Our brain has suffered from thousands of years of sin and the Curse.

For more information about the naming of the animals, see Naming the animals: all in a day’s work for Adam.

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