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February 3, 2007 

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Q: Is secular humanism a religion?

A: Humanists believe that the universe is self-existing (was not created). They believe that man, as a part of nature, has emerged as a result of a continuous process of material causes. Secular humanists believe that nature is all that exists … that there is no God, no spiritual dimension, and no afterlife. In short, they believe that man evolved from molecules by natural processes—no supernatural activity is allowed to be considered.

Secular humanists don’t believe that an absolute moral code exists. Instead, they believe that man makes up his own rules.

Secular humanists don’t want to be called religious. That’s because they don’t want to admit that teaching materialistic evolution is really a religious point of view—a view that tries to explain life without God. If they did, it would be admitting that when public schools in America threw God out of the science classroom, they didn’t throw out religion … they just replaced God with an atheistic religion.

Sadly, many church leaders don’t realize that when they support eliminating God from science classes, they’re supporting an anti-God religion—the religion of atheistic humanism.

For more information about secular humanism as a religion, see Get Answers: Religion and Evolution.

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