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March 10, 2007 

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Q: Do flying insects defy the laws of science?

A: Not at all. Since the laws of aerodynamics were established by God and He created insects with the ability to fly, it would be against the very nature of God for them to defy such laws. Researchers are only now just beginning to understand how insects are able to stay aloft.

It turns out that insects create a special vortex pattern (a spiraling tube-like pattern of airflow) along the edges of their wings. This gives them the extra lift they need to fly. When researchers tried to duplicate this in a wind tunnel, though, they failed. They discovered that the insects’ wings have a complex motion of rotation, changing the arc of the wing.

Only after millions of dollars … and years of research … are scientists even beginning to understand why insects can fly.

But evolutionists tell us that insects are products of random processes over millions of years! No wonder God’s Word states that “The fool has said in his heart there’s no God.”

For many more examples of the Creator’s design in the world around us, see Design Features Questions and Answers.

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