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April 14, 2007 

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Q: Do evolutionists say it’s okay to mix church and state?

A: It seems as though the National Center for Science Education, the California group that works overtime to keep religion out of the nation’s science classrooms, thinks mixing science and religion is okay after all. Just as long as religion is used to support evolution, though!

This group, headed by anti-creationist Eugenie Scott, has teamed up with the University of California to build a website for teachers called “Understanding Evolution.” Part of the funding came from a nearly half-million dollar federal grant—tax dollars.

The website encourages teachers to use religion to promote evolution. How? Teachers are told that nearly all religious people, theologians, and scientists who have religious beliefs, endorse evolution. The site goes as far as saying that believing in evolution actually enriches their faith.

One page on the site shows a cartoon of a scientist shaking hands with a pastor who is holding a Bible. What you won’t find on this site are the scientific arguments against evolution, or any mention of those who believe in a literal, six-day creation.

Evolutionists will stop at nothing to indoctrinate others into believing their secular, humanist worldview. And sadly, they use compromising Christians to support their agenda.

For more information, see What “Americans United for Separation of Church and State” don’t want in science classes.

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