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May 12, 2007 

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Q: Intelligent design—an intelligent solution?

A: Because of the so-called “separation of church and state” issue in America’s public schools, some Christians and other evolution opponents have been looking for ways to allow students to hear the scientific problems with molecules-to-man evolution and to learn different views on origins. So, is teaching intelligent design the way to accomplish this?

While we believe that design arguments can be useful for opening any discussion on origins, we don’t recommend that science teachers be mandated to teach an alternative idea like ID. It can actually be counterproductive to require teachers, many of whom are evolutionists, to teach something they totally reject.

As we predicted, recent efforts by a school board in Pennsylvania to require science teachers to make their students aware of ID failed in a federal court. The judge ruled it unconstitutional to require public school science teachers to refer to ID as an alternative to evolution.

For more information, see The Intelligent Design Movement: Does the identity of the Creator really matter?

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