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May 26, 2007 

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Q: Did ancient man have technology?

A: Most people don’t associate ancient man with advanced technological technological achievements—but what we find is puzzling to evolutionists who believe that ancient man was primitive. We know that some of these ancient people moved huge stones, built monumental structures, and organized complex cultures.

Consider these specific examples: the “Gateway to the Sun” monument in Mexico was carved out of a single block of volcanic rock that weighed 100 tons, and then it was moved and set in place. No one today really knows how they could have accomplished this.

Also consider a Roman temple in Lebanon—it stood on a single foundation stone that had been carefully placed, and it weighed 2000 tons! We wouldn’t dream of lifting such a weight today!

There are many more such examples that defy evolutionists’ pictures of primitive man slowly evolving and gaining intelligence!

But none of this would come as a surprise to those who get their answers from the book of Genesis—after all, the first man, Adam, was highly intelligent. Genesis says that his descendants were building cities and making musical instruments right from the start.

For more information, see The mystery of ancient man.

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