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June 2, 2007 

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Q: What does entropy have to do with the Bible and refuting compromise regarding the Bible?

A: Many people may have heard of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It may sound technical, but actually, it’s quite easy to understand.

One of the laws scientists agree on is that everything left to itself tends to run downhill—that’s what’s referred to as “entropy.”

Creationists often use this law as an argument against evolution. You see, molecules-to-man evolution is an upward process—the opposite of what we observe happening in this world. Because of sin, now everything—on its own—decays.

Some Christians say that even in the original creation, plants had to decay and Adam and Eve had to digest food. Therefore they say things were decaying before sin, so it wasn’t a perfect world in the Garden of Eden!

It is reasonable to infer that in a perfect world, there was controlled decay, which is necessary for life. But once sin entered the world, things were no longer “perfect.” Without the decay perfectly controlled, everything, including our own bodies, now runs down and decays.

For more information, see The mystery of ancient man.

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