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June 23, 2007 

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Q: Were dragons just mythical creatures?

A: We’ve all heard of dragon legends—they’ve been collected for generations from different cultures all around the world. Many have thought these are just mythical stories, but the evidence suggests that dragons were real creatures.

Think about this: why do we find Flood legends from cultures around the world? The secular world claims it’s because people down through the ages have seen floods. But many of these flood legends have several elements similar to the account of Noah’s Flood in the Bible. The flood legends are really changed accounts of the original—the one recorded in the Bible—handed down through the ages.

In a similar way, dragon legends are based on encounters with real animals—most likely dinosaurs (a word that had not been coined yet). The legends have likely been somewhat embellished over generations, but they probably refer to real animals that today we call “dinosaurs.” And according to the Bible, dinosaurs once lived in the Garden of Eden—alongside Adam and Eve.

For more information, see Dinosaurs and dragons: stamping on the legends.

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