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June 30, 2007 

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Q: What is Mkele Memembe?

A: It’s the name of a dinosaur that may be alive today. According to eyewitness accounts by natives in the Congo in central Africa, there seems to be a distinct possibility that a living dinosaur—which they call Mkele Memembe—is roaming about in their jungles!

Also, natives in the rain forests of Brazil have reported seeing a red-haired creature that some scientists now believe is a ground sloth. These sloths supposedly became extinct at least ten thousand years ago.

There are many such reports from around the world like these. As more creatures are found that were supposed to have become extinct thousands or millions of years ago, the more embarrassing it is to evolution. Creationists, of course, have no problems at all when such creatures are found.

Mkele Memembe could be a living dinosaur, which, fits with what the Bible says in the book of Genesis: that God created all land creatures—which included dinosaurs—on Day 6, about 6,000 years ago.

For more information on dinosaurs, see Sauropods.

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