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July 21, 2007 

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Q: Can speciation occur quickly?

A: If the account of Noah’s Ark in the Bible is true, then two of every kind of land animal (and seven of some) came off Noah’s Ark in the Middle East. For instance, two members of the dog kind walked off the Ark. Then, as the number of dogs increased, eventually the population split up and different groups formed.

As the gene pool was split up, different combinations of genes—inherited from the original dogs—would end up in different groups. Thus, different species would form, such as dingoes, wolves, and so on.

Evolutionists have often insisted that such a process happens slowly, and therefore, the Bible can’t be right when it says that the land animals came off the Ark only about 4,300 years ago.

But in the journal Science, a report stated:

“These examples say that natural selection can cause a population to change very quickly and hint that speciation could [occur] very quickly …”

Once again, true operational science confirms the biblical history. The account of Noah’s Ark in the Bible fits with real observations, including natural selection and speciation.

For more information on the topic of speciation, please see Speedy species surprise.

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