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July 28, 2007 

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Q: Did Adam have a belly button?

A: A belly button is actually a scar.  It’s where you were attached to your mother’s womb through the umbilical cord.  After you’re born, the cord is cut, and you’re left with this very obvious scar.

In other words, a belly button is proof you were born of a woman!

Now think about this: Adam and Eve weren’t born this way.  They were direct acts of creation by God.  Adam was made directly from dust; Eve was created directly from Adam’s side. Thus, there’s no reason to believe Adam or Eve would have had such a scar.

Even our belly button should remind us that we’re children of Adam, the first man who rebelled against his Creator—thus we’re all sinners in need of salvation .

For more information on the importance of understanding how the Genesis account of the first Adam relates to our salvation and the Last Adam, see Death: A Curse and a Blessing.

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