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August 11, 2007 

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Q: Don’t evolutionists have different “evidence” than creationists have?

A: No. Think about these questions:

  • Do creationists and evolutionists have the same animals?
  • Do creationists and evolutionists have the same fossil record?
  • So do they have the same earth?
  • So do creationists and evolutionists have the same facts/evidence?

The battle between creation and evolution is not about facts—the facts are the same.

The real difference is how one interprets the facts in relation to the past. This is all determined by one’s beliefs to start with. A creationist starts with the belief that the Bible’s history is true and interprets the evidence on this basis. An evolutionist starts with the belief that most, if not all, things can be explained without God, and interprets the same facts differently.

But only the biblical basis makes consistent sense of the facts … and fits directly with real observational science.

For more information on interpreting the facts, see Creation: ‘where’s the proof?’.


Special Announcement:

The next session of our online education courses begins soon and registration is open until August 17th. Foundations in Creation Apologetics is a 12-week course designed to equip you to defend your faith in an evolution-dominated world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Each weekly lesson is designed so that you can work at your own pace, so it is ideal for both students and working people. The lessons focus on helping you understand the issues involved and how to use the information you learn to share your faith with others. As a student, you will be involved in reading articles, watching videos, discussing ideas with classmates and instructors, and applying what you have learned in the assessments. For more information about this learning opportunity, visit


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