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October 13, 2007 

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Q: Uluru—a testimony to Noah’s Flood?

A: Although you may never have heard the name before, Uluru is a monumental testimony to the creation account written in God’s Word, the Bible. In fact, Uluru is the biggest rock in the world and just happens to be the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock in Australia.

This enormous rock rises over 1,000 feet above the desert sands, with many additional layers under the surrounding sand. The evidence indicates that the near-four-mile-thick sandstone layer making up this rock had to be deposited quickly. Evolutionists, though, insist that this landmark formed slowly over millions of years.

However, the sandstone making up this rock, called Arkose, is composed of grains that are of many different sizes and are very jagged. This indicates that the grains were deposited quickly. You see, if the grains had been transported slowly over millions of years, they’d be rounded and sorted—the opposite of what scientists find.

Also, the feldspars in the rock are fresh and shiny. If the rock was millions of years old, they’d have turned into clay!

There’s so much evidence—from all around the world—that fits with the explanation from Genesis about Noah’s Flood. That’s why creation geologists believe Uluru was formed quickly, fitting with what we find in Genesis.

For more information, see Uluru and Kata Tjuta: a testimony to the Flood.

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