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October 20, 2007 

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Q: What are “biblical glasses”?

A: Christians need to understand that because the Bible is the revealed Word of God, and a true record of history—we need to look at the world through the Bible. In other words, we should always put on our biblical glasses in order to understand the world.

For example, if you took your children to the Grand Canyon and they asked you how the layers of rock and the canyon formed, what would you say? If you put on your biblical glasses, you could answer this way:

Well, children, those layers contain fossils. The Bible teaches that there was no death before sin; therefore, these layers couldn’t have been laid down millions of years ago—before Adam sinned. But the Bible tells us about a global Flood—this would have created layers burying lots of dead things. And the catastrophic runoff would have carved the canyon.

Here is another example regarding dinosaurs. When we put on our biblical glasses, we can say much about dinosaurs: they were created on the sixth day, so they coexisted with man; they ate plants before sin; they were on a huge boat that landed in the Middle East; and so on.

By building our thinking on the Bible—beginning with Genesis—we can put on biblical glasses so that we’re always ready to give answers to a world that needs them.

For more information, see What’s Your Worldview?

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