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October 27, 2007 

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Q: Why does God let violence happen?

A: There have been many episodes of students shooting classmates and teachers to death in America. After one such event, the headline of a newspaper article stated: “Why Did God Let That Happen?”

Why? Because we are all descendants of Adam—we have all sinned against our Creator. Because of our rebellion, God had to judge the world. What we see happening around us should be a reminder that we are living in a fallen, cursed universe. We need to be reminded over and over that it is not God who is to blame.

Not only this, but the increasing violence should remind us of something else. All through history we have seen that the more a nation turns away from God’s Word, the more perverse and violent a culture becomes.

Do you really want to do something to help prevent these kinds of things from happening? Then start teaching your children that the Bible, beginning with Genesis, is the foundation and absolute authority in all areas of life and conduct, that all humans are worthy of dignity and respect (since they were created in the image of God), and that they are accountable to God, their Creator.

For more information, see The “Why?” question—why is school violence in the headlines again?


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