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November 17, 2007

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Interracial Marriage—Is It Biblical?

The Bible does speak about interracial marriage. It’s against it—it teaches clearly that those in the saved race should not knowingly marry the unsaved race.

You see, we need to understand there’s only one race of humans, biologically anyway. All people are descendants of Adam—thus we’re all of one race!

But the Bible makes it clear that there are two spiritual races—those who are saved, and those who are not.

Down through the generations, Satan has tried to destroy the family unit by trying to get godly people to marry ungodly ones. You see, the family is the unit that God uses to transmit His knowledge from one generation to the next.

That’s why we need to teach against the only interracial marriage the Bible warns against—the two spiritual races mixing!

News to Note Quick Look

Fossil Find Shakes Things Up: A new fossil found in Kenya’s Rift Valley is shaking up the latest hypotheses about alleged ancient apes and their postulated connection to modern humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas. More.

Microbes from Space: Men (and women) are from Mars—though the popular tongue-in-cheek hypothesis lacks proof, it received an injection of plausibility in September from a baseball-sized rock that fell from the sky. More.

Also: the fight over intelligence, a long way from classifying life, making monkeys, and bat-based breakthroughs. Read more.

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