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January 19, 2008

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Is evolution science?

When most people hear the word science, they think in terms of all the wonderful technology we have today: computers, jet planes, cell phones, and so on. And certainly, scientists have accumulated much knowledge about this world and the laws which govern the universe. This has enabled us to build the wonderful technology we use today—the technology that sent you this email.

But when most people hear the word evolution, they think in terms of Darwin’s ideas concerning the supposed evolution of animals and man. Darwinian evolution teaches that life evolved from non-life millions of years ago and that over millions of years, one kind of animal changed into another. Finally, man arose from some ape-like ancestor.

Studying evolution is very different from studying present-day processes that have led to many amazing technologies. Molecules-to-man evolution is a belief concerning what supposedly happened in the past, but no one was there to see it happen. Thus, evolutionists are free to postulate stories about abiogenesis (non-living chemicals evolving into life), stellar evolution, or ape-men without direct observation. Such scenarios are merely belief statements.

The ideas Darwin espoused were his beliefs concerning the past. They are not science in the sense of scientists being able to observe these things actually happening.

However, we do not have to depend on mere guesses about the origin of the universe and life. We can thankfully refer back to the eye-witness account—the Bible.

For more information see Evolution Is Religion.

News to Note Quick Look

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After Eden

After Eden

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