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March 15, 2008

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What happened at the Fall?

The Apostle Paul in Romans describes our present creation as a groaning one (Romans 8:22). And it certainly is! Look around! You see people dying—and animals dying. There are deadly diseases. The earth is filled with terrorism and violence. In reality, this is not such a beautiful place!

But Genesis has the explanation as to why we are in this sorry state. When Adam sinned, everything changed. God, because He is righteous and holy, had to judge sin with death. From that time on, the whole of creation has been affected. Everything started to run down. No longer did God uphold the creation in a perfect state.

Christians who accept the idea of millions of years of earth history are really denying that Adam’s fall affected anything. You see, if the death and struggle we see in today’s world has gone on for millions of years, then what change did sin bring? Nothing is different, then.

So what then did Paul mean when he declared that the whole of creation is travailing in pain? To accept millions of years is to deny the horrible affects of the Fall, as given in the book of Genesis.

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News to Note Quick Look

Deny God; win money: The 2008 Templeton Prize, a $1.6 million (820,000) award for “discoveries about spiritual realities,” is going to a Roman Catholic priest who denies intelligent design. Read more.

A bone to pick: “Thousands” of human bones have been unearthed on the Pacific island Palau, reports National Geographic News. The bones belonged to “numerous individuals,” some of whom were “of particularly small size.” More hobbits, perhaps? Read more.

Also: the founding mothers, the strongest creature in the world, and the meeting of minds. Read more.

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