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March 29, 2008

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Why start at the beginning?

Mission organizations like New Tribes Mission, for instance, found a problem when presenting the gospel to many pagan cultures.

At first, they thought they were reaching these people by telling them about Jesus and the message of the Cross. But after some time, they started to realize that these people did not understand the message at all. Commitments they thought they had did not turn out to be real.

Why Wonít They Listen?

To deal with this, New Tribes developed an approach called Chronological Teaching. It was obvious that these pagan cultures had no Christian basis. They had no knowledge of the foundations of the gospel in Genesis. How could they understand what Christ did on the Cross if they didn’t know about the Fall—and sin—in the Garden?

Once they started from the beginning of Genesis and taught through the Old Testament—and then presented the message of Christ—what a change they saw! Many were truly converted now that they really understood the message.

This same approach needs to be used in our own society. The reason many don’t understand the gospel today is because they’ve been indoctrinated in evolution and humanism. They need to start at the beginning, too.

For more information, see Creation Evangelism and the Great Commission and the free online book (with free study guide) Why Won’t They Listen?

News to Note Quick Look

God of the particles: An article on one of the most important physics projects of the new millennium asks, “Will it change our views of the universe and our place in it?” Apparently the writer (and her sources) consider physics tantamount to religion! Read more.

Early bloomers: One of the most stunning reminders of the distance between evolutionary theory and actual fact is the rapid appearance, in the fossil record, of advanced forms of life across the biotic kingdoms. Read more.

Also: the ape swap, the uniqueness of humanity (surprise!), and more than just calamari. Read more.

A Modern Space Mystery

It has the makings of a science fiction movie: in the farthest reaches of our solar system, scientists discover spacecraft acting mysteriously and other unexplained phenomena—and now these strange happenings are spreading closer to home. However, this is not the plot for some space opera; this is the focus of a recent news story concerning unexpected anomalies in the motion of several space probes. Could a creation-based cosmological model hold the answer? Find out more.

Prayer Requests

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

After Eden

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