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April 5, 2008

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How do evolutionists interpret Proverbs 22:6?

It’s so important for believers to pay attention to this verse. Christian parents must give their children a firm foundation on the Bible and its practical truths.

But evolutionists also understand what this verse means. They want to teach children that we’re just animals who evolved through millions of years of death and suffering.  Just think of the morality that goes with that!

Yet the U.S. government gives evolutionists millions of dollars to “train up children” in their anti-Christian worldview. 

Some Christian parents think that as long as they take their children to church on Sunday morning, they’ll learn a worldview based on the Bible.  But think about it: one or two hours in church—once a week—simply isn’t a match for five days in a public school . . . plus secular TV, evolutionary science museums, and so on. 

So, evolutionists are trying to “train up a child”—your child!  We must teach young people to stand on God’s Word—from the very first verse.

News to Note Quick Look

A horrible mix up: A team at Newcastle University added human DNA to empty cow eggs, ostensibly as part of the effort to produce “powerful stem-cell models for investigating diseases such as Parkinson’s and diabetes, and for developing new drugs. Read more.

A young planet: British astronomers have picked up signs of an extrasolar planet that may be less than a few thousand years old—a far cry from the ten-million-year age given to the next youngest planet. Read more.

Also: an eyewitness to destruction, crowing over crows, and denying modernity. Read more.

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