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April 12, 2008

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Will humans destroy the earth?

It’s certainly true that scientists have developed all sorts of deadly weapons that could wreak havoc on this earth. However, there’s something we should always keep in mind. No matter what man tries to do—God is in total control.

The Bible tells us that the earth will be destroyed one day. In 2 Peter 3:10–13, we read that there’s a fiery judgment to come when the elements will melt with fervent heat and there will be a great noise. But this isn’t a description of man destroying himself with nuclear weapons—this is a description of the final judgment by God on this planet.

Just as God judged the wickedness of man in the days of Noah with a global judgment of water and at the Tower of Babel with confusion, so too He’ll judge again—but next time by fire!

Because so many people have rejected the truth of God’s Word and the fact of Creation, they are more fearful of what man can do and about gloomy predictions of the future. Instead, they should be fearing the coming judgment of our Creator and Redeemer—the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

For more information, see Theistic Evolution and the Future of Humans.

News to Note Quick Look

Shock treatment: Might a new scientific find be so “shocking” to scientists because it goes against the predictions of evolutionary history? Read more.

A leg up: It sounds like an oddity to some: a fossilized snake found in Lebanon with two hind limbs. For others, the serpent of Genesis 3—cursed to walk on its belly—comes to mind. So what does this leggy snake have to do with Genesis and evolution? Read more.

Also: attack of the amino acids from outer space, a lungless frog, and more evidence of dispersion. Read more.

New media section debuts

The popular Answers Media section of our website has undergone a major revision. Not only is the new page more visually appealing; it is also—more importantly—easier to use and filled with more powerful features! Visit the new and improved Answers Media right now, and stay for a while—even share some of the Bible-affirming, audiovisual content with your friends and family.

The New Answers Media

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