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August 9, 2008

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Q: Has Noah’s Ark been found?

A: The ancient Greek historian Herodotus mentioned that religious pilgrims journeyed to Mt. Ararat, which traditionally has been accepted as the landing place of Noah’s Ark. The Armenian people, who have lived at the foot of Ararat since before the time of Christ, maintain a strong attachment to Noah and the Ark.

In recent centuries, interest in the mountain and the huge wooden boat that may rest there has spread. Adventurous mountain-climbing Europeans first conquered the 17,000-foot (5,182-meter) summit in 1829. Reports in the twentieth century of wood being found high above the treeline fueled intense interest in new expeditions. Most notably, French explorer Fernando Navarro claimed in 1955 to have discovered wooden timbers in a glacial crevasse, stimulating even more interest among Western Christians.

Many questioned Navarro’s find, but in 1969 a carefully planned expedition, with Navarro as a guide, discovered only another controversial piece of supposed wood. Yet excitement continues today, fueled by hopes of discovering a mostly intact ship—or at least indisputable remnants—high on this or another mountain in the Ararat range.

The modern search for the Ark actually commenced with Eryl Cummings in the 1940s when he began to gather anecdotal evidence of sightings. He and colleagues made several trips to Ararat to explore and study this remote mountain in the Muslim nation of Turkey. His 1972 book Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fable captivated the imagination of those who read it. Soon several expedition teams trekked to Mt. Ararat.

Find out more about these modern expeditions in Has Noah’s Ark Been Found? by Dr. John Morris.

News to Note Quick Look

Spoiled soil: In the emotional soap opera that is the search for life on Mars, one of the main players—the habitability of Martian soil—may have just lapsed into a coma. Read more.

Uncoiled: If the riddle of where fangs fit into snake evolution has been gnawing at you, biologists may have come up with an answer. But what can we glean from the Bible? Read more.

Also: all flat, an ancient bite, the bottom of the world, and “the Dragon.” Read more.

Answers magazine site gets redesign

Answers magazine site

Over the past three years, Answers magazine has grown to become the most-read creation/worldview magazine in the world. During that time, the complementary AnswersMagazine.com website has been a great place to learn more about the articles you find in Answers, to review the magazine archives, to find subscriber exclusives, and to watch amazing videos. Although it has been an excellent resource, we wanted to provide more. So, this week, we’re unveiling the new AM 2.0, a complete redesign of the AnswersMagazine.com site.

All of the features you’ve come to expect are still in place, from our featured articles to our kids content, but we’ve also been busy making some changes that we think you’ll like.

Upcoming Answers Education Online Courses

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of Answers Education Online courses! Two new classes will be starting in just a few weeks, but the registration deadlines are drawing near.

APO 101, “Foundations in Creation Apologetics,” is a 12-week course aimed at giving you a solid foundation for defending your faith.

APO 203, “Creation Apologetics and Geology,” is a 6-week course that dives deeper into the biblical understanding of geology and how the idea of millions of years has influenced scientific thought.

To learn more about these courses visit our Answers Education page.

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Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

After Eden

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Video On Demand: Science Confirms the Bible Is True
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