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September 27, 2008

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Q: Does the Evidence Matter?

Persuaded by the Evidence

A: It is commonly claimed that the major reason why most people reject Darwinism and accept creationism is due to religious motivations. Although this is often true, in a large number of cases, an understanding of the scientific evidence was the major factor that convinced many to reject evolutionism. Some of these persons who rejected Darwinism then, realizing that Darwinism does not explain the origin of life, become creationists.

Creationists realize that only two possibilities exist: either intelligence or blind natural forces were ultimately responsible for the creation of the world around us. Every adult accepts the reality of a creation and acknowledges that the creation had some sort of cause or creator. For this reason, everyone is a creationist to some extent, and the only difference is one’s conclusion about who or what was responsible for the cause of the creation.

The creation view concludes that intelligence is responsible for life; the other view, evolution, concludes that DNA copying mistakes called mutations create genetic variety that is “selected” by natural selection—Darwin’s famous survival of the fittest theory. In other words, Darwinism teaches that genetic mistakes, mostly a result of the accumulation of copying errors that occur when DNA replicates, is our creator.

Creationists realize that evolution, defined as progression from molecules to humans by way of animals (from the “goo to you by way of the zoo” theory), is a failed theory. It has failed because it has been shown by scientific investigation to be not just unverified, but scientifically false. Evolution did not occur, and could not have occurred, and this conclusion is based on scientific observations, not religion.

To read more about how science upholds the truth of creation, visit Persuaded by the Evidence.

News to Note Quick Look

A(nother) tragic school shooting in Finland: Finland has been shaken by another violent school shooting, the second in less than a year. Read more.

Inventing the walking fish: Evolutionary scientists have discovered the origin of fingers and toes: fishlike creatures that swam the seas hundreds of millions of years ago. So what exactly was the science behind the discovery, which was reported in Nature? Read more.

Also: Neanderthals on the see-food diet, clever crows, not the big bang they were looking for, who’s more superstitious, and what the candidates agree on. Read more.

Upcoming Answers Education Online Course

The next session of our online astronomy course begins soon and registration is open until October 2. Creation Apologetics and Astronomy is a six-week course designed to equip you to defend your faith in an evolution-dominated world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity.

Each weekly lesson is designed so that you can work at your own pace, so it is ideal for both students and working people. The lessons focus on helping you understand the issues involved in astronomy and how to use the information you learn to share your faith with others.

Topics include: distant starlight, astronomy in the Bible, problems with the big bang, life on other planets, and more.

As a student, you will be involved in reading articles, watching videos, discussing ideas with classmates and instructors, and applying what you have learned in the assessments.

For more information about this learning opportunity, visit Answers Education Online and sign up today for this exciting opportunity.

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Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

After Eden

After Eden

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