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November 15, 2008

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Q: Are you drowning in questions?

A: For long-time supporters who have used our website over the years, you’ve probably gotten used to our Get Answers starting page, where we have articles categorized in a number of common categories related to our ministry. We also direct others interested in the origins debate and biblical authority to that page. It’s our central point for people to explore our information and get answers!

But while the current version of the page has been reliable, we’ve been hard at work adding features that will allow users to find articles and other resources even more easily and quickly. These new features include:

  • Themed categories—We’ve rearranged our numerous categories by theme, so each of the broader categories listed on the left includes related, more specific sub-categories that drop down after your selection. (In the past, all categories were in one alphabetical list.)
  • Keywords—We’ve spent the last year-and-a-half giving each article we run keywords. Now you can tap into that resource, finding just the articles you’re looking for.
  • Filters—You can now cross-filter your results by keyword, publication type, difficulty level, and author, all listed on the right side of your screen. Just click a few of each and see what articles match your filters!
  • Sorting—Within result lists, you can sort by date (most recent) or popularity.

Get Answers 2.0 is a public beta—that means we’re asking you to help us by testing the interface, and telling us how you like it. Also, don’t worry, we’ve kept the original Get Answers page just a click away, if you prefer to use it.

Drowning in Questions?

Why delay? Take a look at our new Get Answers 2.0 now!

Don’t Miss Out!

The next session of our online education courses begins soon and registration is open until November 20. Foundations in Creation Apologetics is a 12-week course designed to equip you to defend your faith in an evolution-dominated world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Each weekly lesson is designed so that you can work at your own pace, so it is ideal for both students and working people. The lessons focus on helping you understand the issues involved and how to use the information you learn to share your faith with others. As a student, you will be involved in reading articles, watching videos, discussing ideas with classmates and instructors, and applying what you have learned in the assessments.

Want to learn more about how the Bible is confirmed by archaeology, science, and everything we see around us? Join us for a 6-week study in Creation Apologetics and the Bible. You will explore how we arrive at the age of the earth, the historical accuracy of the biblical record, the authority of Scripture, and more. Interact with other students from around the world and strengthen your faith as you dive deep into God’s Word in this course.

For more information about these learning opportunities, visit edu.answersingenesis.org.

News to Note Quick Look

If it looks like design, it must be evolution: Proteins that act like “adaptive machines”—are they evidence for evolution or intelligent design? Read more.

Out on a limb: Once again, it’s “evolution in action.” Once again, it isn’t. Read more.

Also: living with your ancestors; skeletons in Darwin’s closet; didn’t dinos disco?; the shifting sands of pyramid dating; silk: a “miracle material”; Santa Claus is coming to town—atheists say you better be good! Read more.

Prayer Requests

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

After Eden

After Eden

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Video On Demand

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What the New Testament Text Really Says about Creation (part 1) Watch Video


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