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December 13, 2008

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Q: How can you double your impact?

A: Knowing the wonderful opportunities that await us in the coming year to proclaim the vital creation/gospel message, and recognizing how critical year-end giving is to this ministry, I am very pleased to announce the following opportunity. A couple of AiG supporters have offered to match—dollar for dollar—every gift made online from now until December 25, 2008. They will match up to $100,000. Of course, donations from U.S. supporters are tax-deductible in America.

During this time of great economic upheaval and growing anti-Christian sentiment, the light of the creation/gospel message is needed more than ever before. I truly believe that AiG is a cutting-edge ministry for this time in history, and that God has blessed its many outreaches—as they stand firm on the authority of the Word of God and unashamedly proclaim the saving gospel message.

Your gift will help enable AiG to take advantage of some tremendous opportunities next year to share biblical truths. This includes our free Answers for Darwin conferences, new teaching exhibits inside the Creation Museum that will counter Darwin, new DVDs in other languages, and many, many more.

Make your end-of-year donation securely on this site, and see your gift matched. In other words, a $100 gift, in essence, becomes $200. Remember, this matching gift program ends December 25. To be candid, donations to AiG have dropped since September (as with virtually all ministries), and we do not want to cut any of our vital outreaches already planned for 2009. Please consider a generous gift today.

By investing in the Lord’s work at Answers in Genesis, you are impacting lives in a way that will provide eternal returns for the kingdom of Christ. Thank you for helping us continue to reach the world with the vital message that God’s Word can be trusted.

Double Your Donation!

Read Ken Ham’s full exhortation in Double Your Donation, and then please go ahead and double your donation! We thank you for remembering us in your end-of-year giving. Your donations help keep the ministry of Answers in Genesis alive—including free outreaches such as this weekly newsletter.

The Latest from the Answers Research Journal

Measurable 14C (radiocarbon) has been detected in fossils from the earliest days of radiocarbon dating. In many instances, according to their supposed uniformitarian ages those fossils should be completely 14C-dead, that is, all 14C originally in them should have decayed, so they should not have any 14C left in them.

When these data are put in perspective, their deadly significance to the uniformitarian timescale is readily apparent. 14C has a half-life of 5,730 years. If an organism when it was buried and fossilized contained the level of 14C currently in plants and animals, then after one million years, corresponding to 174.5 14C half-lives, the fraction of the original 14C remaining would be 3 x 10-53. However, a mass of 14C equal to the entire mass of the earth (6 x 1024 kg) contains only about 3 x 1050 14C atoms (Baumgardner 2005). Thus, not a single atom of 14C formed even 1 million years ago anywhere in or on the earth should conceivably still exist. Therefore, there should be absolutely no measurable 14C able to be detected in fossils claimed to be a million or more years old.

Continue reading the latest Answers Research Journal technical paper, by AiG geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling: Radiocarbon Ages for Fossil Ammonites and Wood in Cretaceous Strata near Redding, California.

News to Note Quick Look

Misunderestimated or just mistaken?: Much has been made in the past several months of the former U.S. presidential and vice-presidential candidates’ views on origins. Now the current president weighs in. Read more.

Undiscovered life in an undiscovered ocean: The hypothesized subsurface ocean of Jupiter’s moon Europa was already a hotbed for evolutionists’ hopes for finding extraterrestrial life. Read more.

Also: your purpose in life: to redistribute energy; simply teaching evolution isn’t enough; the giant tug-o-war; meet RoboClam; and expelling empty rhetoric. Read more.

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After Eden

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