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May 30, 2009

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Q: Are evolutionists attempting mind control?

A: As I lined up with hundreds of others to get inside London’s famed Natural History Museum to visit its new Darwin exhibition (England is celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday this year), I couldn’t help but wonder: was this going to be some kind of attempt at mind control? After I went through the exhibition, there was no doubt!

The Darwin exhibit reminded me of one of those bizarre science fiction movies where people line up to be placed in a special machine and emerge like robots; these people now can’t think for themselves, and they end up being like those people who brainwashed them.

In a related way, I found the Darwin exhibit to be a very clever form of mind control, basically consisting of:

  1. Setting up straw-men arguments that totally misrepresent what Bible-believing Christians accept.
  2. Showing how wrong Christians are for believing the things they supposedly believe (which they don’t believe in the first place!).
  3. Convincing visitors that Darwinian evolution is true, and that one is a fool to believe otherwise (and certainly foolish to believe the Bible).

Actually, this kind of mind control is already being used constantly on America’s children through the public education system, the secular media, and science museums (even in many Christian schools and colleges, sadly).

Read the details of the “brainwashing” at the London Natural History Museum that Ken Ham discusses in Mind Control.

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