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October 23, 2009

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Q: Where do we draw the line?

A: Answers in Genesis (AiG) is a unique ministry for this age—a biblical authority ministry. Many people see us as just a creation and evolution ministry diving into scientific aspects of the creation. Many others view us as a worldview ministry, and yet others see us as an evangelical ministry stressing the gospel (which should be the focus of any ministry), and so on. Although these things may seem to make the AiG ministry unusual, it is something else that makes us unique.

AiG is a parachurch ministry. It could also be called a non-denominational ministry, which means that AiG is not a church in and of itself, but is staffed by church members from various denominations (e.g., Baptist, Christian, Lutheran, Reform, etc.) to focus on specific issues and challenges of today’s culture.

AiG is made up of Christians who unite to defend the authority of the Bible in today’s secular culture. And that is what we are “on about”—the authority of the Bible, often in Genesis—a foundational book, but also other places (like the gospel message of the New Testament).

To read more about what topics AiG covers—and which ones we don’t—see Bodie Hodge’s Where Do We Draw the Line?

News to Note Quick Look

Broken link: Remember “Ida,” the missing link that wasn’t? In a Nature letter, scientists attack the lofty claims that surrounded the announcement of the fossil primate. Read more.

Mammoth discovery: In a special guest news analysis, creationist (and mammoth expert) Michael Oard considers the well-preserved mammoth “Lyuba.” The occasion? Lyuba’s worldwide debut. Read more.

Also: good will hunting, evolving this moment, harvesting stem cells, and don’t miss . . . . Read more.

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