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December 11, 2010

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Q: Will taxpayer money fund the Ark Encounter project?

A: Media outlets and bloggers worldwide have been reporting on our plan to partner with Ark Encounter LLC to build a Noah’s Ark themed attraction (with a full-scale wooden Ark, built to the biblical dimensions) in northern Kentucky and about 40 miles from our Creation Museum. However, many of them are misrepresenting the funding and nature of the project.

An occasional AiG supporter has become confused by the news (and blog) coverage and has asked us about the Ark Encounter funding. While tax incentives are being applied for by the for-profit Ark Encounter LLC, it’s regrettable that some journalists, intentionally or not, have left readers and viewers with a totally wrong impression about the state’s involvement, falsely reporting that the Ark project will be a drain on state revenues. No funds will be taken from the Kentucky state budget and away from state programs (e.g., social services, schools, etc.) to help operate the Ark Encounter before or after it opens.

On the contrary, the state will see added revenue because of the Ark Encounter’s possible presence in Kentucky. Also, we must point out that the tax incentives do not go to non-profit AiG, but to the for-profit Ark Encounter LLC.

Sadly, these pieces of crucial information are often not mentioned by the press or bloggers.

Continue reading to find out what will really happen if the state approves tax incentives for the Ark Encounter LLC.

News to Note Quick Look

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A little less arsenic, please: Last week we reported on hot news that “alien” life had been discovered—albeit aliens from earth. But since then the widely reported research has come under attack. Read more.


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